Restaurant recommendations for AGU 2015

I tweeted a bunch of restaurant recommendations for #AGU14. It seemed worthwhile to collect them all in one location. Here they are, with some additions/removals and brief comments. One big change since 2014 is that prices are up. A lot. In some cases by 40% or so. You can expect to pay $14 for a fancy sandwich and in some places $15 for a cocktail. Ugh. Good luck. Happy to take suggestions/requests.

High end Greek:
Kokkari Estiatoria

Mikkeller Bar (good food – loud and crowded)
Trou Normand (great charcuterie, now really expensive)
Hop Water Distribution (wide tap selection)
Hops & Hominy (avoid the food)
Garaje (good for tacos/sandwiches too)
Monk’s Kettle (high prices, great selection)
City Beer Store (mostly a bottle shop, but you can drink there)
Shotwell’s (over in the Mission but worth a trip)

Ridiculously High End
Lazy Bear (supper-club style)
Benu (ex-French Laundry chef)
Saison (best ingredients anywhere)
Quince (best pasta)
Coi (hyper-naturalistic platings)

HRD Coffee Shop (Korean)
Taqueria el Farolito (Mission)

Knead Patisserie (Mission, get the pomme d’amour)
Tartine (Mission, almond croissants)
Craftsman and Wolves (Mission, modern pastries)
B Patisserie (bit of a trek, best kouign amann)

Sightglass (interesting architecture)

Golden Boy (focaccia-style, punk rock)

The classics
Zuni (chicken, sardines)
Delfina (calital/pizza)
Range (calital)

Only in San Francisco
Swan Oyster Depot (get there 20 minutes before opening or prepare to wait)
Alta CA (Daniel Patterson joint)
State Bird Provisions (you’ll never get in … but try anyway)
The Progress (from the SBP folks, slightly less impossible to get into)

French (or quasi-French)
Frances (stellar French-California, house wine is great)
Monsieur Benjamin(from the guy who runs Benu)


Dive Indian/Pakistani

Deli Board
Darwin Cafe

Farallon (happy hour)
Waterbar ($1 oysters for happy hour)
Hog Island (the best oysters)

Modern Thai
Kin Khao (great Riesling selection)

City View (dim sum, cheaper than Yank Sing, not as good)
Yank Sing (dim sum, expensive, worth it)
Z&Y (Szechuan)

High-end Italian (or quasi-Italian), but not ridiculous $$
Perbacco (reasonable wine markups)
Rich Table (Italian, kind of)
Tosca (try it if you like Spotted Pig in NYC)

Most challenging flavors
Bar Tartine (lots of tart/sour flavors — I like it)

Marlowe (high-end)
Super Duper (a chain, but delicious)

Guest recommendations
Foreign Cinema (Amelia Shevenell)
Heirloom (Amelia Shevenell)
Cockscomb (Kevin Anchukaitis)

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