The launch of EarthArXiv

Tom Narock and Chris Jackson tell Mike about the new EarthArXiv preprint server.  The show is a bit of an oddball for Forecast, considering that the show’s usual diet is long-format interviews about a scientist’s life and research. But the launch of EarthArXiv — one of a growing series of preprint servers — could be the spark to light the  climate science community’s interest in the use of preprints, long a fixture of fields like physics and mathematics. For a discussion of EarthArXiv within the broader publishing landscape I encourage you to check out Victor Venema’s excellent blog post over at Variable Variability.

Music: Hallon by Christian Bjoerklund CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.


  1. Dear Dr White,
    I already put my two manuscripts to EarthArXiv thanks to this post. This is a small help from you. Anothor post is definitely big one. That post is your interview with Lixin Wu. When I were undecided when an offer from China came, that post tipped over. After listened that post a couple of times, I decided to learn from Dr Wu, and go there to work on Typhoon forecast, whic is my current day time job here at NOAA/EMC. I signed the contract a few weeks ago to work in Guangzhou for model development, and of course will still work on some climate research.

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