Hi, and welcome to Forecast, a podcast about climate science and climate scientists. I’m Michael White, Nature’s editor for climate science.
I came to Nature in 2008, after an academic career focused on land surface phenology, the terrestrial carbon cycle, and climate impacts (you can check my publications via Research Gate or Orcid iD 0000-0002-0238-8913). I handle submissions to Nature on atmospheres, oceans, the cryosphere and hydrology – past, present and future, on Earth and other planets. The gallery below shows all of the climate papers I’ve handled that made the cover of Nature. I also work closely with Nature’s editors for biogeoscience and ecology, and think of my expertise as being in Earth System Science, broadly defined, rather than in one particular area of climate.

After getting interested in podcasts like Mark Maron’s WTF and Levi Dalton’s I’ll Drink To That I figured that it might be interesting to try something similar for climate: a podcast based on long-form interviews with climate scientists, about their lives and their work. My goal is to have wide ranging discussions with everyone from graduate students to scientists working in the field for decades.

Disclaimer:  Any statements/opinions/ideas expressed here are mine or that of my guest and do not necessarily reflect the position of Nature, nature.com, or Nature’s publisher.